Osho Zen Tarot

as art prints

The original illustrations of the Osho Zen Tarot, painted by Deva Padma, for the first time on offer as high-quality prints.

Prints on Paper

Paper print

FineArt Paper

We print on Hahnemuehle’s archival fine art paper “Photo Rag”, which is made from 100% cotton, is environmentally friendly and lasts for generations. Hahnemuehle papers are among the best in the world for producing outstanding prints.
This paper is 308 g/m² thick and has a velvety, noble feel. The paper prints come with a one centimeter white border to facilitate and simplify framing.

Framed Premium Prints

Slimline Frame


These are art paper prints mounted on a compound backing material behind acrylic glass. The aluminum Slimline Frame is an all-around fantastic finishing touch for our prints — a line of aesthetic excellence.

Cross Section


1 — Acrylic Glass
2 — Aluminum
3 — Synthetic Core
4 — Aluminum
5 — White Backing

Gold or Silver Anodized Aluminum


The frame’s small width and depth bring out the best in the prints, without drawing too much attention to the frame itself and comes with two colors to choose from – silver and gold.
With the minimalistic frame, the print has a clearly defined, yet subtle border with an elegant and timeless aluminum look. At just 1 mm, this frame is very thin and the artwork protrudes 1.5 mm out of the frame for a sublime effect.

Wall Mount


Our premium art prints come with practical wall mounts on the back. You can immediately and securely hang your print thanks to the pre-installed aluminum rails. It “floats” as if weightless at a distance of one centimeter from the wall.

Matte or Glossy

The lightweight and shatterproof 2 mm thick acrylic glass provides an additional sense of depth. The matte acrylic glass subtly accents the color and depth while also preventing reflections for a clear, glare-free view of the image.
The glossy acrylic glass enriches the colors and gives the image an extra depth.

Osho Zen Tarot

The Transcendental Game of Zen

The Osho Zen Tarot consists of 79 cards. We have selected 20 motifs — from the Major Arcana — which are offered as prints. Since its first publication in 1995, this deck, illustrated by Deva Padma, has been translated into eighteen languages and has become a bridge into the world of meditation for tens of thousands of people.

The Osho Zen Tarot is based on transmitting the unique wisdom of Zen, because, as we have heard Osho say, Zen is the one spiritual tradition whose approach to the inner life of human beings has weathered the test of time and is still relevant to contemporary humanity. Unlike other religions, which have fallen prey to hero-worship and dogmatism, Zen insists on the unique capacity of every human being to reach enlightenment — or freedom from the illusions of ego created by the mind. And it insists that this capacity can be realized only through meditation. Not by following certain rituals, adhering to a set of rules, or imitating the example of others, however worthy, but only by an alert and non-judgemental attentiveness to one’s own thoughts, actions and feelings.

When we practice this alertness, this meditative approach to life, it soon brings the awareness that we each contain an unchanging, undisturbed, and eternal center of watchfulness — a center that has the capacity to see life as a great adventure, a play, a mystery school, and, finally, a blissful journey with no purpose other than to delight in every step along the way. In Osho’s words, it is the capacity not to worship buddhas but to become a buddha.

It is in the context of this approach to life, this commitment to making the whole of life a meditation, that this tarot deck was created. And it is dedicated to the buddha within each and every one of us.

“The buddha is nobody’s monopoly, it is nobody’s copyright. It is everybody’s innermost being. You don’t have to be a Buddhist to be a buddha. To be a buddha transcends all concepts of religions; it is everybody’s birthright. Persuade it to come along with you, to your daily activities, so everything in your life becomes a meditation, a grace, a beauty, a benediction.”Osho

The Osho Zen Tarot is definitely not a traditional tarot in the sense that you play with prediction. Rather it is a transcendental game of Zen which mirrors the moment, unwaveringly presenting what is here, now, without judgment or comparison. This game is a wake-up call to tune in to sensitivity, intuition, compassion, receptivity, courage and individuality.

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